Geekbench Pro 5.1.0 File Free

Geekbench Pro 5.1.0 File Free

Geekbench Pro 5.1.0 File 2019 Download

Geekbench provides a user-friendly way to test your system for either diagnosing problems or simply comparing it with other users. Benchmarking your system is essential if you want to get to the bottom of hardware performance issues or simply measure performance over time.

What’s great about GeekBench is that you don’t have to configure it. Within just a few clicks, you can not only benchmark your system, but share the results with other users via the Geekbench Result Browser, although you have to register for a free account to do this. This is a very handy way to see if users on similar machines are getting more out of your system than you are. CPU benchmark Memory tester Processor tester Benchmark CPU RAM Measurement. Geekbench Pro Crack also offers the Geekbench Pro 5.1.0 2019 Download result browser which lets you compare your Geekbench Pro 5.1.0 Activation scores with other Geekbench users.

Geekbench Pro 5.1.0 File Free

Geekbench Pro Activation Features

  • Easy to setup and run
  • Benchmarks all major components
  • Allows you to share results
  • Sharing requires signing up for an account

Geekbench Pro 5.1.0 Portable

CategoryUtilities & Operating Systems
User Rating5.0
DeveloperPrimate Labs:
OsWindows 7/8/10

Geekbench Pro 5.1.0 2019 Download Video Preview

Changelog for Geekbench Pro 5.1.0 2019 Download:
  • Re-introduce support for 32-bit Android devices. Geekbench 5.0 and 5.1 only support 64-bit devices, in part because Geekbench 5 uses large datasets that can quickly exhaust available memory in multi-core mode on 32-bit devices. However, 32-bit Android devices continue to be popular with users who have been asking us to support these devices. Geekbench 5.2 re-introduces support for 32-bit Android devices. 32-bit support comes with a limitation – due to limited memory, 32-bit devices can only run up to 4 threads in multi-core workloads.
  • Add support for Vulkan 8-bit storage types. Vulkan, unlike other Compute APIs, does not support 8-bit storage types except through an extension. Geekbench 5.0 worked around this limitation by packing 8-bit values into 32-bit storage. This technique makes efficient use of memory at the cost of runtime overhead. Geekbench 5.2 can takes advantage of 8-bit storage type extensions, removing the need to use 32-bit storage on devices that support the 8-bit extension. Vulkan Compute Benchmark scores will be higher on devices that support the 8-bit storage extension.
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Geekbench Pro 5.1.0 File Free

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